What Are Weight Loss Stimulants?

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Weight loss stimulants are substances that speed up certain processes of the mind and body that are used for weight loss. Many types of stimulants can decrease appetite and help burn fat. While there are potential benefit of using this type of diet medication, there are also some negative and potentially dangerous consequences to its use.

When attempting to lose weight, a person may consider taking weight loss medication. These are often in the form of diet pills, powders, teas, or other supplements that may or may not require a prescription from a doctor. Many of these medications contain weight loss stimulants. Depending on the type of diet medication, it may work by suppressing the appetite, increasing the body's metabolism or both.

Weight loss supplements that stimulate metabolism do so by causing a process called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is an increase in the amount of heat that the body creates. This elevated heat level causes the body to burn fat cells for fuel. When a person exercises or participates in any physical activity, this increase in body heat occurs naturally and helps boost metabolism. Caffeine, which is often an ingredient in diet pills and supplements, is a natural stimulant that promotes thermogenesis.


Other weight loss pills work by creating a feeling of fullness or suppressant the appetite, with the reasoning that a person that feels full will not feel the need or desire to eat, and will consume less food and calories. Weight loss stimulants that attempt to control eating by decreasing hunger may not work for everyone. This is particularly true when overeating is associated with emotions rather than actual hunger.

There are certain dangers that must be taken into consideration before attempting to lose weight using weight loss stimulants. Prior to taking this type of diet aid, a person will need to take his current state of health into account. These diet aids may cause nausea, anxiety and increased blood pressure. In addition, the risk of stroke, heart attack or other cardiovascular problems is also elevated. For this reason it is important to first discuss and get the approval of a doctor before beginning use.

Some weight loss stimulants may also run a high risk for dependency and abuse. Typically this risk is higher with diet medications that require a prescription from a physician, however care should be taken even when buying over-the-counter products. Stimulants used for weight loss are only meant for short-term usage. Overusing the medication can result in longer term health complications and in some cases even death.



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