What Are Venison Burgers?

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Venison burgers are made from deer meat rather than from beef. The burgers typically are formed into patties and either fried, baked or grilled in much the same way as any typical beef burger. Some people also choose to broil their venison burgers in the oven for short periods of time at a very high temperature. Even though preparation of venison in burger form is generally the same as preparing a beef burger, there occasionally are some differences. For example, sometimes fat is actually added into venison from other parts of a deer for extra flavor, because the meat itself contains very little fat.

Acquiring beef for hamburgers is a fairly simple process because most people can simply visit their local supermarket and purchase the amount they need. Acquiring venison, however, tends to be a little more complicated because it is considered a type of game meat, and not all grocers carry it. People who want to make venison burgers might have the best luck finding it through people they know who regularly hunt deer or from specialty meat shops. Hunters who kill their own deer often have enough meat to last for several months and might be able to profit from selling the extra meat to others.


Venison burgers are thought by many to have a slightly different taste and texture when compared to hamburgers. Some people like the differences, but other people do not particularly enjoy them. There also are some people who claim that deer meat and beef taste almost exactly the same. It ultimately comes down to the fact that people prepare venison in many different ways. Some people use lots of seasonings, and others barely season their meat at all, so these variances in preparation probably have a lot to do with how much people enjoy their burgers.

Many people recommend adding in at least a little fat with deer meat before preparing it because the extra fat tends to add flavor and can keep the burgers from becoming too dry. Burgers that are dry usually don't hold together as well, and this is another reason why including some fat might be a good idea even when it isn't necessarily desired. People who are dieting often prefer eating deer instead of beef because of the low fat content, but a small amount of fat probably is important, regardless of the reason it is added.

Venison can be eaten either well done, medium or rare, just as hamburgers are. Meat that is supposed to be well done doesn't need to be too thick when formed into patties. This helps ensure even cooking all the way through the burgers.



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