What Are Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms?

Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms are simply any kind of stuffed mushrooms that contain only vegetarian ingredients, which do not have any kind of meat in them. While different types of meat can be used in stuffed mushrooms, such as bacon or sausage, mushrooms typically have a fairly meaty flavor that does not require additional meat. Ingredients for vegetarian stuffed mushrooms can vary, but often include bread crumbs, spices and herbs, cheese, and additional vegetables like onion, shallots, and garlic. There are also vegan stuffed mushrooms that can be made in a similar way, but which include no animal products such as cream, cheese, or meat.

The basic structure of vegetarian stuffed mushrooms begins with the separation of the mushroom caps from their stems. While just about any type of mushroom can be used for this dish, most recipes call for a medium or large mushroom such as a baby portabella or one of similar size. Separating the mushroom cap at the top of the mushroom from the stem allows the cap to be turned over and used as a bowl for other ingredients. There are a number of ways in which vegetarian stuffed mushrooms can be made, though the basic preparation is usually similar.

Someone can prepare vegetarian stuffed mushrooms by creating a stuffing then spooning it into the mushroom caps. The stems of the mushroom can be diced up and used in the stuffing itself, along with some breadcrumbs. Cheese is commonly added to this stuffing, which can include anything from soft cream cheese or mozzarella to freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano with some heavy cream added. Various spices and seasonings are usually mixed in, such as chopped thyme or parsley, as well as salt, pepper, and oregano. Other vegetables are often included like diced onion, shallots, and garlic, and the entire mixture is combined into a cohesive stuffing that is then placed in the mushroom caps.

Vegetarian stuffed mushrooms are typically baked after preparation, though they can be eaten raw. For people interested in vegan eating, vegan stuffed mushrooms can be made just as easily as vegetarian stuffed mushrooms. These stuffed mushrooms do not include meat or any other product that comes from an animal, such as butter, cheese, and eggs. Vegan alternatives to cheeses can be used, or some olive oil can moisten and bind the stuffing ingredients together, and the various vegetables, spices, and herbs can all remain in the stuffing for a vegan preparation.


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