What Are Vegan Tacos?

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Vegan tacos do not contain any animal products, which means no meat or cheese, two common taco ingredients. There are many different ways to make vegan tacos, however, that can be filling and delicious without needing to use animal products. Vegan foods are typically loaded with vegetables and seasonings to give the dish flavor and weight, and tacos are no different. They may also include imitation meat products, generally made with soy and vegetables, such as imitation chicken, crumbled ground meat, or soy cheese. This is an excellent and simple meal to make was well, and can be enjoyed by anyone, not just people following a vegan diet.

To begin, it will be necessary to get taco shells; vegan tacos may be made with soft or hard taco shells. This is simply a matter of personal preference, as is whether one chooses to use flour or corn tortilla shells. Choosing the ingredients to go in it is more difficult. It depends whether an individual wants the vegan tacos to actually taste like they contain meat and cheese, or if he or she just wants to make a vegetable mixture.


Imitation meats, including beef and chicken, can all be used to make vegan tacos. Soy cheese can be used as well, which is often available in grated form to make it easier. Some people prefer not to use these products either, though. In this case, crumbled or cubed tofu that has been sauteed in oil and seasonings can help to make the vegan tacos more filling, while keeping them completely free of animal products. Otherwise, vegetables may be used. Peppers and squash are popular choices for taco fillings, as well as different types of beans, particularly black beans and garbanzo beans.

For seasonings, onion, garlic, and cumin are some of the most popular choices, as well as red pepper or even cilantro in some cases. The ingredients for the filling may be mixed together, and sauteed in olive oil and whatever variety of salsa one prefers, until they are cooked, and then added to the taco shells. The tacos may then be topped with shredded lettuce if desired, or other vegan toppings such as guacamole. Any leftovers should be stored separately; the filling should not be added to the shells until they are ready to be eaten, otherwise they can get soggy.



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