What Are Vegan Enchiladas?

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Vegan enchiladas are a Mexican dish made without the use of animal products. Though traditional enchiladas may be made with ingredients such as beef or chicken, cheese, and sour cream, among others, vegan enchiladas do not contain any of these ingredients. They are traditionally made with a corn tortilla, though they may be made with a flour tortilla as well, and contain a spicy filling and typically a spicy red sauce made with tomatoes and peppers. This is a popular and relatively healthy dish when made in a vegan way, and there are many different ways to customize it to different tastes.

There are a number of different recipes for vegan enchiladas to be found by simply searching online. There are some common ingredients found in many recipes, though. Generally, the filling for an enchilada is cooked first, with a number of different ingredients being heated and mixed together in a saucepan. This can include peppers, onions, tomatoes, and generally cubed or crumbled firm tofu to give the dish a bit more density and make it more filling. Some people also add black beans, zucchini, eggplant, or any other vegetables they desire. All these ingredients are then typically sauteed in olive oil and spices. Common spices used include cumin, cilantro, pepper, and chili powder, among others.


Assembling the enchiladas is very simple, and is done by placing a few spoonfuls of the filling mixture in the center of a tortilla, rolling it, and placing it in a baking dish. Traditionally enchiladas are topped with sauce and then baked, and vegan enchiladas are no different. The sauce is typically tomato based and includes many of the same ingredients as in the filling. Some people will also add salsa, or some crumbled imitation vegan cheese made from soy, to make them appear more like traditional enchiladas. Covering the enchiladas while they are baking will help to ensure the tortillas stay soft and do not get crispy around the edges, which is typically not desirable.

The vegan enchiladas are then served hot and eaten immediately. They also freeze quite well, so they can be a great choice to prepare in a larger batch and then put away for later. Though preparing vegan dishes without using any meat or dairy products does take a little bit of extra effort and creativity, it is worth it in the end for many people when they know they are following their principles. People who aren't vegans can certainly enjoy vegan enchiladas as well.



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