What are Vegan Cookies?

Vegan cookies are cookies that lack any animal products, including things like butter and eggs, which are typically a big part of cookie recipes. Getting the right taste and texture to satisfy the vegan cookie lover’s palate can be difficult, but more and more people are finding non traditional ways to bake up batches of cookies that are just as good, without butter and eggs. In fact, some vegan cookies are made from fabulous no bake recipes, so it may not even be necessary to turn on the oven when making a quick treat.

When considering how to bake or mold no-bake vegan cookies, people will first need to find some good recipes for inspiration. While some vegans take original recipes and substitute ingredients, which may require some experimentation, there is an alternative that is a lot easier. There are increasing numbers of vegan cookbooks and even some vegan books solely devoted to the topic of cookies. People can also find a number of vegan cookies recipes online, though these aren’t always superior. Look for those with positive reviews before trying.


The typical vegan will probably have assembled most of the ingredients required for vegan cookies. Usual substitutes for eggs and dairy include things like nut, rice or soymilk, good quality oil, vegan margarine and sometimes ingredients like tofu. For traditional cookies like chocolate chip cookies, it may be necessary to do a little shopping at a natural foods store to find fully vegan chocolate chips. Cookies may also be improved with a number of natural and easy to find additions like poppy seeds, raisins, dried cranberry, coconut, or an assortment of nuts and seeds. With all of these additions, cookies may end up being high in fiber and protein, though they’re still probably high calorie and high fat if they contain a lot of oil, margarine, or lots of sugar.

Sometimes the vegan lifestyle supports more natural sources of sugar or less processed ingredients. Some vegan cookies will call for fructose, raw sugar, whole-wheat flour or other ingredients that are more basic. For people who want a cookie that is more healthful, this may be a good choice, but those searching for a cookie with taste and feel similar to non-vegan cookies are better off using traditional white flour, and white and brown sugar for recipes.

The cookie-loving vegan will be pleased to know that there is a good variety in vegan cookies, with lots of different things to try. The classics like oatmeal, peanut butter, and of course, chocolate chip, are well-represented with many recipes. Brownies are easy to find and recipes can become even more complex with things like mocha bars covered with banana pudding, or shortbread bars topped with lemon curd. The more exploring the vegan baker does, the more cookie recipes he or she will find, and plenty of these will prove delightful substitutions, soothing the cookie lover’s soul.



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