What are Training Grants?

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Training grants are financial resources that make it possible for qualified individuals to receive additional education or training within a given area of expertise. Grants of this type do not require that the funds be repaid by the recipient, a characteristic that sets the grant apart from other forms of financing an education, such as an education loan. A training grant may be in the form of federal funding to a college and be used to provide scholarships to worthy students, or be provided directly to the individual by a business or government entity.

Programs that provide training grants normally have specific criteria that must be met in order to receive the funding. Colleges and universities typically must comply with government regulations that relate to the scope of degree programs offered, the credentials that the school requires its instructors to possess, and the quality of the programs that are offered. When training grants are provided directly by the government to the recipient, he or she normally must be able to demonstrate an inability to afford college, while also meeting a minimum grade point average requirement.


Even when employers provide the training grants, there are usually a few basic qualifications that must be met. The employer must confirm that the employee already has the educational credentials required to participate in the additional education opportunity, and has demonstrated an aptitude for the subject matter related to the training. In addition, many employers will only provide grants for continuing education that can be related to the job responsibilities that the employee already performs, or that he or she is anticipated to perform as a result of the additional training.

A number of different types of training grants are made available by various governmental and private agencies. Research training grants help to prepare individuals to work effectively in a research situation, including a laboratory or as part of a field testing effort. Community-based training grants focus on preparing individuals to provide services that enhance the local community in some manner. Job training grants help employees pursue additional education that prepares them for promotions, or helps them achieve a higher degree of efficiency in their current positions. When seeking to pursue any type of additional training or a new degree, the prospective student would be wise to look at both any grant programs offered by an employer as well as those offered through the educational institution and the appropriate government entity.



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