What are Timeshare Owners?

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Timeshare owners are people who jointly own properties with a number of other individuals or businesses. Sometimes businesses own timeshares so that they have a place for traveling employees. Individuals choose to be timeshare owners because they want to be able to have the use of a second home without the cost.

For example, a woman who lives and owns a business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania may be very excited about Paris. She can’t just pick up and move there, but she does spend all of her vacation time there. She might be an ideal candidate to become one of the timeshare owners of a property in Paris. Instead of staying in a hotel, she will be able to stay in a house or apartment. Furthermore, she will be able to stay in the same place every time that she visits.

The fee of a timeshare normally depends on how many days or weeks out of the year the timeshare owner occupies the property. It may also have to do with whether or not the timeshare owner chooses to occupy a property during specific seasons or holidays. For example, if the woman from Pittsburgh wanted to occupy her timeshare in Paris at the peak of spring or on New Year’s Eve, she might have to spend a bit more than another timeshare owner of the same property who is willing to use the space in dreary February.


There are businesses that are completely based in the sales and leasing of timeshares. These businesses manage the properties that are shared by the timeshare owners. They may manage the maintenance of a property and also make sure that each owner leaves the property in good condition for the next owner’s visit. This sort of work may include the management of a cleaning staff for each property. Such companies help clients to find their ideal timeshares and work with timeshare owners who are looking to sell their holdings on a property.

There are some people who own multiple timeshares and go to different locations at different times in the year. A family who loves the beach and loves skiing, for example, might have one timeshare on a beachfront property that they use in the summer and another at a skiing resort that they use in the winter. It is also possible, with the help of a timeshare management company, for a timeshare owner to go to a different property on every vacation, even if the properties are located around the globe.



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