What are the Treatments for Arthritis in the Neck?

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Arthritis is a very painful condition, especially when it occurs in the neck. For best results when evaluating treatment methods for the condition, consider using physical therapy. Applying capsaicin cream to the affected area, using steroid injections, and adequately supporting the neck are all addition methods that can be used to decrease arthritis pain.

One of the most common treatments for arthritis in the neck involves using physical therapy to increase range of motion and flexibility. While physical therapy cannot, on its own, completely eliminate the symptoms of arthritis in the neck, it can be highly effective at reducing pain and stiffness. Research has found that exercise is one of the best ways to treat arthritis. Conversely, a lack of exercise can lead to even greater arthritis pain, stiffness, and discomfort. A qualified physical therapist will be able to not only suggest a variety of effective exercises, but can also use ultrasound and other similar therapies.


Capsaicin application is another treatment for arthritis in the neck. Capsaicin is an element that is found naturally in chili peppers, and when formed into a paste and applied to the neck can be extremely effective in the management of arthritis pain. It is important to remember that capsaicin may not provide immediate relief, but instead must be applied on a consistent basis in order to provide results. Capsaicin cream can typically be found at most pharmacies, though the user may want to consider consulting with his or her doctor in order to get a prescription-strength cream. Prescription based capsaicin cream will usually provide faster results than over-the-counter alternatives.

For those suffering from excessive pain associated with arthritis in the neck, steroid injections may be a feasible option. When used properly, steroid injections help to eradicate the pain associated with arthritis and other similar conditions. If a person is considering seeking steroid injections for arthritis pain, it is important to have a thorough consultation done by a qualified physician. This ensures that the person is healthy enough for this form of treatment.

Finally, a sufferer of arthritis in the neck should be sure to adequately support his or her neck. Neck braces, specially designed neck pillows, and proper posture can all help to decrease the signs and symptoms of this condition. As with most of the treatment methods described above, using these techniques will not eliminate the arthritis in the neck, but will prevent future flare-ups from occurring.



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