What Are the Symptoms of Sarcoidosis?

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Sarcoidosis is a medical condition that can affect numerous areas of the body, depending upon the location of the disease. Because of this, the symptoms of acidosis can vary from person to person and from case to case. There are some generalized symptoms which include fatigue and weight loss, as well as more generalized problems that will appear within the lungs, the skin, and the eyes. This disease will form into very small lumps, generally microscopic in nature, and they cause inflammation within the affected area.

Generalized symptoms of sarcoidosis can include a few different medical problems, such as fatigue and weight loss. The person afflicted with this problem will become constantly tired with no apparent reason for it, and will notice excessive loss of weight. In some cases, a person with sarcoidosis may lose more than a few pounds within a day or so. Two other common symptoms of sarcoidosis that may also appear are sensitivity to light and severe redness close to the area that is affected. The redness that forms will appear as small hives or blisters and may be confused with a basic allergic reaction.


One of the more localized problems that will occur will appear within the lungs. These symptoms of sarcoidosis begin with a persistent dry cough and possible pains in the chest. This can make it hard to breathe, and will also cause wheezing and a shortness of breath. The lungs are common places for sarcoidosis to affect, and along with the generalized symptoms, they will show signs that this disease probably does exist in the person having the medical complications.

Another area that will be affected is the skin. These symptoms of sarcoidosis include a rash which is tender or painful to the touch. They can be basic red lumps, or even turn into purplish lumps. When these rashes remain long enough, actual lesions can form, causing small amounts of bleeding. Some other instances that have been shown to occur are growths underneath the skin, or even changes to the color of the skin. These symptoms can be mild and barely noticeable, to very extreme and painful.

The final area of the body that may show symptoms of sarcoidosis is in the eyes. The two most common will be extreme redness along with pain. Once this side effect of the disease progresses, the person will also experience a sensitivity to light and blurred vision. Actual blindness can occur in some cases, so it is important to get checked by a physician immediately if any other symptoms of sarcoidosis are apparent.



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