What are the Standard Therapy Tools?

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Effective therapists work to help people improve their overall well-being. A relationship of confidentiality and trust is essential. There are a number of standard therapy tools therapists can use to assist in addressing various physical and emotional issues. Some types of therapy tools deal with physical conditions while other types address mental health issues, emotional disorders, relationships, addiction, grief, victimization, and more.

Oftentimes, one of the therapy tools used is group therapy. It is used to address issues of alcohol or other substance abuse, although group therapy can be used in many other ways as well. It can be very beneficial for someone who is suffering to share their grief, problems, concerns, or conditions, with others who are dealing with the same struggles.

Group therapy can help provide the empathy needed to begin the healing process. Many people take comfort in knowing that someone else really understands what they’re going through. No one understands better than someone who has had the same or very similar experiences.

One of the therapy tools used to improve relationship problems is family therapy. Many times, issues can be effectively resolved through better communication. The therapist can observe how the family interacts. Family therapy can also be used to help family members learn how to communicate on a deeper level.


A neutral party can help direct conversation as well as ensure that everyone has a chance to express his or her feelings and has a chance to be heard. The therapist can also teach people how to speak as well as to listen more effectively in order to better understand different perspectives. This doesn’t mean people will always agree but they can begin to gain more insight into how the other people involved think and feel.

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is one of the therapy tools used to assist with physical ailments related to movement and function. It is also sometimes used in conjunction with other types of therapeutic treatments. Often, injuries and illnesses create emotional trauma as well, thus utilizing both types of therapy tools together may be helpful in the healing process. By working through emotional trauma as well as receiving physical rehabilitation, a person may once again learn to enjoy an overall better quality of life.

While various therapy tools seem to be helpful, there is some controversy as to their true effectiveness. All people are different and therefore creative therapists utilizing individualized approaches may be more successful. Therapists must also be careful to be as impartial as possible. They must never attempt to instill their own judgments, or push their personal, political, spiritual, and other beliefs on clients. Since many types of psychotherapy involve conversational therapy and such therapy is conducted over time, some suggest that these tools could be used outside the therapy setting. In other words, the simple acts of talking to someone - perhaps anyone - about problems and allowing time to bring healing could be just as effective.



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