What Are the Signs of an Allergic Reaction to Fruit?

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An allergic reaction to fruit may be somewhat mild, or trigger responses severe enough to be life-threatening. Typically, these types of allergic reactions will focus on the parts of the body that actually come in contact with the fruit or the juice from one or more types of fruit. While milder symptoms may be no more than annoying and fade away in a short period of time, a severe allergic reaction to fruit calls for immediate medical attention.

Typically, an allergic reaction to fruit will involve discomfort associated with the lips, mouth, tongue, and throat. One of the more common signs of an adverse reaction is the onset of itching and tingling in those areas. The tingling may take on something of a burning sensation, or even seem to deaden the feeling in the affected areas for a short period of time. In mild cases, people suffering with an allergic reaction to fruit will experience this tingling sensation just after consuming the fruit and have it fade out in a matter of minutes. While momentarily uncomfortable, a mild reaction usually does not cause any extreme distress and will not require seeking any type of medical care in order to deal with the signs.


A more severe allergic reaction to fruit involves swelling in the mouth, lips, tongue, or throat. The lips may become somewhat discolored along with the swelling, and be sensitive to touch. In like manner, the tongue may swell, making it hard to speak clearly. When the throat is swollen as the result of the allergic reaction, this could block the windpipe, requiring quick medical attention to ease the swelling. With situations of this nature, a physician may recommend the use of some sort of medication in order to bring the symptoms under control, and possibly prescribe a medication for the patient to keep on hand in the event he or she should accidentally consume a food containing the fruit in the future.

In some instances, a severe allergic reaction to fruit may occur. This may begin with swelling of the tongue and throat and move on to actually begin interfering with respiratory function. In this scenario, the respiratory system begins to malfunction, much in the way that having an asthma attack will cause distress. It is not unusual for some skin blotching to also take place with a more severe reaction. With this type of allergic reaction to fruit, medical attention should be sought immediately. If it is not, respiratory failure may occur.



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