What are the Pros and Cons of Wireless Home Security?

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Many people find wireless home security to be a positive choice when it comes to protecting their homes. These systems may come with advantages and disadvantages, however. Some advantages of a wireless home security may be that they are convenient, portable, and discreet. At the same time, a system may be expensive, accept interference, and may not be as reliable as a wired system. The pros and cons of this device should be considered so a consumer can obtain the alarm system he needs.

One of the main reasons a consumer may choose a wireless home security system as opposed to a wired one is because wireless models are more aesthetically pleasing than wired versions. These systems often have no wires leading from the transmitter to the control panel that need to be hidden, or that can clutter the walls. In addition, many are designed so that they do not stand out in a home’s decor.


In addition, the consumer may not need a professional to come in and wire his house for the alarm. The systems are often easily installed and the consumer and often do this himself. In addition, he is able to move the sensors where ever he wishes. This feature may become necessary to avoid interference with other electrical systems which one of the drawbacks of a wireless home security system. The portability of the system is also important because if the owner of the system moves, he can more easily take a wireless alarm system with him than he could a wired one.

Wireless home security systems work on batteries and send radio signals from the sensors to the control panel. This makeup may allow for the device to accept interference from other devices. The result can be an increased occurrence of white noise or static. In addition, a wireless system may not be as reliable as a wired one. A transmitter may get damaged without a person’s knowledge, or the wireless signal may be hacked resulting in a loss of privacy.

Possibly the biggest deterrent for buying a wireless security system for many people is the cost. Wireless home security systems are often more expensive than wired systems. However, in some cases, because the consumer does not have to pay for the installation of the system, the cost difference is negligible.

Sometimes, a consumer may elect to install both a wireless system in addition to a wired system for extra security. Whatever the case, a consumer ought to research all his options carefully before purchasing any home security system.



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