What are the Pros and Cons of Using an Antique Bathtub?

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An antique bathtub is an attractive choice for any bathroom, and since many of them are made from cast iron, they will be durable and long-lasting. If the homeowner is considering purchasing an antique bathtub, however, it is important to keep in mind that the tub is likely to be more expensive than other types of tubs, and it can be difficult to install because of the weight of the cast iron. It will be important to measure the bathroom carefully to ensure the antique bathtub will fit properly in the space as well.

Many versions of the antique bathtub will be made of cast iron with an enamel coating. The cast iron is extremely heavy and durable, and the enamel will keep water from contacting the iron and causing rust. This means the antique bathtub is likely to last a long time and will be durable enough for everyday use. The downside to the cast iron with enamel coating, however, is the risk of damage. The enamel can chip off, exposing the black iron beneath. If the iron is exposed to water regularly, it can begin to rust, leading to damage to the tub. The enamel can be repaired, but this can be a tedious job.


The heavy duty antique bathtub can also be difficult to install and transport. Cast iron is extremely heavy, and several strong people will be required to lift the tub and position it. The floor beneath the tub may need reinforcing before the heavy tub can be placed there permanently; otherwise, damage to the floor may occur, which may lead to structural issues as well as water damage and leakage. Once the tub is in place, it is likely to stay in place, which means the homeowner will not need to worry about moving the tub regularly.

An antique bathtub can also help increase the value of a home, especially when it is placed in a remodeled bathroom with other antique fixtures or features. The look of antique tubs is unmistakable and difficult to recreate, so the aesthetic of the bathroom is likely to be greatly improved by the presence of such a tub. The homeowner may need to take extra care to make sure the tub stays in good condition, but such maintenance should not be difficult or any more strenuous than maintenance of other types of tubs. The homeowner may need to find a new way to hang shower curtains around the tub as well, which can be tricky in some situations.



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