What Are the Pros and Cons of Tailored Jeans?

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As with most any type of custom clothing, the pros and cons of tailored jeans typically concern issues relating to cost, durability, and fit. In most cases, tailor-made jeans are more expensive than off the rack, however, because they are made to fit a specific set of body measurements, the fit may be better than jeans purchased at a retail establishment. The durability of tailored jeans is another issue. Even though custom jeans are sometimes made of better fabric and have more attention to detail, mass-produced jeans are usually constructed using top-of-the-line equipment, which often results in improved durability. Other issues that impact the pros and cons of tailored jeans include style selection, fabric choices, and timing.

Fit may be one of the main reasons why consumers would want to consider tailor-made jeans. Mass-produced jeans are made to fit somewhat rigid sizing guidelines, and many people have body shapes that do not conform to any one particular size. For instance, for someone who is wide in the hips, yet narrow in the waistline, in order to get jeans to fit her hips, the waist is sometimes too large. This consumer will likely need to have her jeans altered, and in many cases, because of the construction and heavy materials used in most jeans, these alterations can be expensive and time consuming. Tailor-made jeans are made to fit, and in most cases, the overall look will be smoother and the jeans will likely be more comfortable.


Choosing specific fabric and overall design is another reason some consumers prefer to have their jeans custom made. Most retailers offer a limited number of design and fabric options, but when hiring a tailor, the customer is in complete control of both design and fabric. The customer can also choose customized design details such as embroidery or fabric deconstruction.

Price is likely one of the main reasons that few people choose to have their jeans tailored. In most cases, tailored jeans are much more costly than those that are mass produced. This expense is the result of many factors, primarily the need to make a new pattern to conform to specific body measurements. In many cases, pattern drafting can take longer than actually making the article of clothing. In addition, the higher price of tailored jeans may not always ensure better durability.

Another disadvantage of tailored jeans is the time involved in making them. Many people shop for jeans when they need them, and do not have time to wait for them to be custom made. Depending on the workload of the tailor, a special order could take weeks or even months to receive.



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