What are the Pros and Cons of Making an Online Credit Card Payment?

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Most companies allow the opportunity for customers to pay their bill online using their credit card. While many people regularly take advantage of this option, some people are wary about it for a few reasons, including the possibility of credit card fraud. A lot of companies also charge a fee for the convenience of being able to make an online credit card payment. On the other hand, it is often the preferred way to pay bills since this type of payment is typically fast. Additionally, most customers have the option to set up recurring payments so that they do not risk forgetting to pay their bills each month.

One of the main disadvantages of making an online credit card payment is fraud, though identity theft is also an unfortunate possibility. Any time payment information is entered on the Internet, there is a slight chance that an experienced hacker can intercept the credit card numbers, eventually either selling the information, or using it to purchase items. Personal information can also be gleaned from many websites, and then used by those looking to open new lines of credit under someone else's name. While consumers are wise to worry about credit card fraud and identity theft, entering personal information only on secure websites can typically greatly reduce this risk.


Another common downside of online payments is the fact that many companies charge a fee for the convenience. It is usually negligible, but those looking to save money anywhere they can might be wary of making an online credit card payment due to this type of fee. It is often advised that consumers find out which companies charge fees to accept online payments. Fortunately, most banks allow customers to pay their bills online for free, so those whose creditors charge a fee might choose this option instead.

Of course, many people are willing to pay a small convenience fee since the ability to make an online credit card payment results in their money being accepted immediately. This means that many people are able to wait until the due date to pay their bill, and since it typically goes through instantly, they do not have to pay a late fee. This is especially advantageous when making a payment to a creditor that does not charge a convenience fee.

An additional feature that often makes online payments appealing to customers is the ability to set up regular payments. This usually results in the same amount being automatically paid to the account every month, ensuring that the due date is not missed. This is another way that some customers avoid having to pay a late fee or any other penalties that companies frequently have when a payment is delinquent. Of course, the recurring online credit card payment can typically be stopped at any time, allowing customers to retain control over their account.



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