What are the Pros and Cons of Cellulite Gel?

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Many cellulite gel products claim to rid the body of cellulite deposits, which are known for their unsightly dimpled appearance. The ingredients in some of these gels may indeed improve skin texture and appearance, at least temporarily. These gels can sometimes be expensive, however, and drastic, permanent results are rare at best.

Depending on the brand, one can find cellulite gel with topical fat burners, skin tighteners, skin exfoliators, and any number of other ingredients which may improve the appearance of skin as well as reduce cellulite. Additionally, a common belief states that the rubbing motion required to apply the gel to the skin may also help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Some users who have reviewed various brands of cellulite gel claim to have experienced excellent results, even losing inches along with the cellulite, but some report that the dimpled appearance returns after not using the product for a period of time.


Many cellulite gel products claim to generate results within a few days to a few weeks. Many people who have purchased some of these products did claim to see an improvement in skin softness and elasticity in a relatively short period of time, but for any dramatic cellulite reduction to occur, it generally required several applications. It is not uncommon to hear women who only saw cellulite improvement on the second or third bottle of cellulite gel. Occasionally, manufacturers of cellulite treatments will offer free trials or other promotions which may provide an opportunity to inexpensively experiment with different products.

For those desperately seeking cellulite reduction, waiting for several weeks to achieve results and then continuing to apply the gel for prolonged results may be worth it. For the average user, however, the high monetary cost of many popular cellulite gel options can be a deterrent. Several less expensive options are available, however, for those unwilling to invest a significant amount of money in a cellulite treatment.

Another downside of cellulite gel is the possible side effects that may result. The wide variation of ingredients from brand to brand may be a problem for highly allergic individuals. Additionally, many brands recommend that pregnant or nursing women avoid using the product, often stating that there is little evidence either way to determine whether cellulite gel may be harmful to the fetus or nursing infant. Other possible complications may arise from medication interactions or interactions with other topical creams applied to the skin.



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