What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Pajamas Online?

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Buying pajamas online can be more convenient and cheaper than buying them in a physical store. For example, because an online store does not pay rent or have insurance against physical mishaps, they can price their products somewhat lower. On the other hand, getting the correct size and waiting weeks for a set of pajamas to arrive in the mail makes ordering pajamas online for some people not worth the effort.

Some online pajama companies have a guarantee that allows customers to return the product for any reason. Buying clothing online can be tricky, so the ability to return the items with no hassle can be a major advantage. In general, the online shop usually lets the person exchange for a different size, full cash refund or, in some cases, just a gift card for the full amount. This is assuming the product is in new condition, otherwise the customer will likely receive partial or no refund because the company cannot resell the product when damaged. When buying pajamas online, it may be useful in the long run to look for this kind of guarantee, especially if the shopper is buying pajamas online as a gift for someone else.


The cost of running a brick-and-mortar store front is significant when factoring in electricity, rent, and general maintenance. Online shops have less money going toward bills and can usually afford to pass these savings onto customers. In fact, customers may notice that brick-and-mortar shops with an online presence offer cheaper products on their website. The company can do this because employees are not needed to manually scan each item, bag it, and maintain advertising and marketing displays. Therefore, buying pajamas online instead of at a local store — even if the customer is just buying from the same local store’s website — can save money.

One potential con of buying pajamas online is the difficulty of getting the correct size. Sizing differs between brands and styles and, while some companies do the math to figure out the equivalent sizes, most companies leave this to the customer. Basically, extra small pajamas of one style might fit a woman perfectly, but they might not fit in a different style of the same brand. If the company gives the exact measurements of their clothing, customers can usually make an educated guess after measuring themselves.

The price and slowness of a company’s shipping can be another disadvantage. Shipping prices can completely offset the discount a customer receives for purchasing the product online. In addition, shipping often takes as many as five business days or more. Standard shipping rarely comes with any sort of guarantee about when the order will arrive. Rush orders typically cost a minimum of double standard shipping, and overnight shipping will likely cost more than the average pajama set itself.



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