What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying DHEA Online?

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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplements are taken by both men and women to treat certain autoimmune diseases, improve body composition, and reduce the effects of aging. DHEA supplements can be purchased online as well as at health food and supply stores. There are both pros and cons to buying DHEA online. Online shoppers will have easier access to DHEA and the ability to compare the prices offered by different companies. The disadvantages of shopping online are that consumers might have a difficult time choosing a supplement, selecting a safe dosage, and considering the possible risks of taking DHEA.

The purpose of DHEA is to be used in the manufacture of other hormones. When taken as a supplement, the role of DHEA is to increase the user’s estrogen and testosterone levels. This is believed to help individuals become more sensitive to insulin, increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, and treat a variety of different medical conditions. One of the greatest benefits of shopping online is that it gives consumers easy and convenient access to a wide range of DHEA supplements. Without the ability to shop online, fewer people might reap the possible benefits of DHEA.


Looking for DHEA online also gives consumers the opportunity to comparison shop. DHEA supplements are made by many different manufacturers and vary greatly in price. While consumers might be able to purchase DHEA from a local retailer, it is easier to research prices when buying supplements online.

Although the variety of DHEA supplements can be beneficial, it can also be a disadvantage. With so many supplements available, consumers might have a difficult time choosing a product that contains high quality natural DHEA. Shoppers looking for DHEA will have the option of purchasing DHEA for women, DHEA for men, capsules, creams and other products. The wide selection of products can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed as to which is the most beneficial supplement for their needs.

DHEA supplements also vary in dosage. When using DHEA, the most beneficial dose will depend on the condition being treated, current DHEA levels, and gender. People who take excessive doses can suffer several negative effects of DHEA, including acne, hair loss and heart palpitations. Since these supplements raise estrogen and testosterone levels, the long term use of DHEA might also increase the risk of developing certain cancers. When buying DHEA online, consumers might have a difficult time determining the safest dose.

In addition to the risks of taking too large a dose, DHEA can also interact with certain medications. People who take insulin, certain cancer medications, or medications that are broken down in the liver should not take DHEA. While purchasing DHEA online, consumers might not be aware of the possible drug interactions. This is why many medical experts urge consumers to consult their physician before buying DHEA online.



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