What are the Pros and Cons of a Walk-In Greenhouse?

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There are a number of beneficial aspects to a walk-in greenhouse, though there are also a few potential downsides. One of the major benefits is that they are typically quite portable and can be easy to set up and relocate as desired. They are also typically quite a bit less expensive than a standard greenhouse that requires a great deal of materials and construction. The use of a walk-in greenhouse in some areas may be inadvisable, however, since severe weather such as ice storms or strong winds could damage it.

A walk-in greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that is often constructed from lightweight materials such as aluminum or PVC piping. The walls and roof of the greenhouse are often composed of thin cloth or clear plastic, rather than the sheets of glass used in standard greenhouses. These materials are typically quite a bit less expensive than what would be required to construct a greenhouse using bricks, wood, or glass. A walk-in greenhouse can also be easily designed and built by a person without formal carpentry training, and kits are available that provide all of the materials necessary to build this type of greenhouse.


Since the materials used in a walk-in greenhouse are lightweight and easy to move, this type of greenhouse can be built just about anywhere in a yard and even in a relatively small yard. This sort of greenhouse is also fairly easy to move, either once constructed or by taking it apart and reassembling in another location. While this can be beneficial for a walk-in greenhouse, this lightness and portability can also be detrimental in some regions.

The materials used in a walk-in greenhouse are fairly durable, but severe weather conditions can potentially damage it. Ice storms or severe thunderstorms with strong winds can damage the greenhouse, tear through the plastic sheeting used for the roof and walls, or even blow the greenhouse over. Even a greenhouse that is secured by ropes or anchored to the ground may potentially be damaged or blown away by severe weather. While a walk-in greenhouse is typically less expensive than other greenhouses, there are often secondary costs such as heaters, humidifiers, and shelving that can increase the expense of building such a greenhouse.



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