What are the Pros and Cons of a Mini Greenhouse?

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A mini greenhouse is often a great addition to a residential property. There are a number of different configurations for these smaller versions of greenhouses, including portable and pop-up designs. While a mini greenhouse does provide a few benefits, there are also a couple of potential drawbacks that should be considered before actually beginning construction.

When it comes to the advantages of a mini greenhouse, the most obvious is the ability to grow a wide range of plants all year round. This means that someone who enjoys fresh cut flowers in the house can grow favored varieties for use even when those blooms are out of season. In like manner, a mini greenhouse can provide the ideal environment for growing certain vegetables year round, including tomatoes, pole beans, and other vegetables that can thrive in pots. Since it is possible to control the degree of light, humidity and temperature in the greenhouse, it is simple to adjust the growing environment to whatever is needed to ensure an ample harvest.

There are several disadvantages of a mini greenhouse that should be considered. One has to do with the cost of construction. Even building a mini greenhouse from a kit can be somewhat expensive. For this reason, homeowners should be sure that once constructed, the greenhouse will be used regularly. Otherwise, all that has been accomplished is the construction of a rather expensive storage shed.


Another potential drawback to consider is the cost of operating the mini greenhouse. Even if solar panels are used to control the temperature within the structure, there is the issue of water and plant food that will be used in the cultivation process, the purchase of gardening tools and implements, pots for the plants, and even the purchase of fixtures to supply the necessary light on cloudy or wintry days. Even if money is saved by going with a pop-up greenhouse or some sort of portable greenhouse that is easily moved, the ongoing expenses may be prohibitive.

When weighing the benefits and liabilities of owing a mini greenhouse, look closely at the returns that ultimately come from the effort. For families who are willing to devote the time and effort to growing plants regularly, the greenhouse may be the ideal environment to enjoy bonding among family members as well as produce a steady flow of plants or other flora for the home, or fruits and vegetables for the table. If there is a good chance that interest in growing things will wane relatively soon after the novelty of owing a mini greenhouse disappears, then the project is likely not worth the time and expense that is invested up front.



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