What Are the Pros and Cons of a Hospital Childbirth?

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Expectant parents may want to consider a variety of factors before proceeding with hospital childbirth. One of the biggest pros of giving birth at a hospital is that hospitals have trained doctors and nurses and usually have access to a wide range of technology, equipment, and facilities. Disadvantages may include the cost of a hospital stay and an unpleasant atmosphere.

One of the biggest advantages of hospital childbirth is that much more can be done if something goes wrong. Giving birth is a process in which many complications can arise, often suddenly or unexpectedly. Even if a trained medical professional is present at a home birth or at a birthing center, they may not have the supplies or facilities necessary to correct certain birthing problems. Hospitals often have the ability to call upon specialists to step in during abnormal childbirths as well.

The availability of anesthesia at a hospital is very significant. Some people choose not to use any medications during labor, but many elect to use pain management drugs. Epidurals and other common pain treatments are usually not present at birthing centers or home births.


Aspects of a hospital childbirth that many people view as negative include regulations that disallow things that expectant parents want. Some people want certain individuals present during childbirth, such as children or friends, but hospitals may limit the type and number of people who can be in the delivery room. Hospitals also may require expectant mothers to use a particular doctor rather than their own doctor or a midwife.

Some people feel less comfortable in a hospital environment, leading to apprehension that could increase the difficulty of birthing process. Many people find hospitals to be impersonal and cold. Other concerns include the germs and bacteria that may be present because of the nature of a hospital. For some individuals, the general hospital experience itself can cause anxiety, and some people believe that the apprehension can interfere with labor. Similarly, the hospital staff usually includes people that a mother does not know, and the presence of strangers makes some people uncomfortable.

The cost of a hospital childbirth may be prohibitive for some people. Many people may have to pay for some or all of their medical costs because they do not have medical insurance that covers the birth of a child. Home births and birthing centers may be a less expensive option. Hospital childbirth is worth the cost for many people because they receive expert care from doctors and have more advanced medical equipment available.



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