What are the Most Common Parts of a Gluteus Workout?

A full gluteus workout will include exercises that work all three of the muscles of the gluteus — maximums, medius and minimus — along with the hamstrings. Some of the most common parts of a gluteus workout include lunges, lateral step ups and hip extension exercises. Squats are considered to be one of the most effective exercises for working the lower body including the gluteus muscles.

A gluteal workout usually consists of several exercises to work on various parts of the buttock muscles. Often these exercises will be completed in a circuit that provides the best muscle gains. Although there are a range of different gluteal exercises some are much more effective at building the muscles than others.

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the gluteal muscles. Squats, when performed correctly, are commonly used in a gluteus workout to build the maximus muscle. To perform a squat correctly it’s important for the knees to stay aligned with the second toe of the foot and for the knees to not block the view of the toes. This forces the body to sit back during a squat which helps to work the glutes and prevents injury.

The gluteus medius is largely covered by the maximus muscle but is important in hip stability. Exercises such as lunges are better than squats during a gluteus workout for the medius muscle. Other exercises which may be used in a workout for the gluteus medius include step-ups and hip extensions.

A gluteal circuit is when a set of exercises are performed one after the other without a break in between. These are commonly used in a gluteal workout in order to activate the various buttock muscles. For example, a side lying circuit may include straight leg raises, clam exercises and step backs where the leg is brought forwards and backward while the person is on his or her side.

Whether weights are used in a gluteus workout depends on the physical condition of the person as well as the goal of the exercise. For example, a gluteus workout without weights may be used to activate the muscles and provide greater stability for the hip and knee. If the goal is to build muscle mass, however, then commonly a gluteus workout will include exercises that feature weights in order to achieve the maximum benefit. It’s important for weights to be added to the workout slowly.


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