What are the Most Common Hypertension Treatments?

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Hypertension, a condition involving high blood pressure, can be treated in a number of different ways. There is no cure for the condition, so hypertension treatments are usually long-term, and focus on reducing blood pressure to a safer level. Common hypertension treatments include lifestyle changes, such as losing weight or stopping smoking, and medications such as beta blockers and diuretics. Treatment is usually performed by the patient at home, but more complicated hypertension treatments may have to be performed in a hospital.

Usually, hypertension treatment involves making changes to a person’s lifestyle. Things such as smoking, alcohol, stress, caffeine and lack of exercise can all contribute to high blood pressure. A diet that’s high in fat and salt can also cause the condition. Hypertension treatment nearly always involves changing a patient’s bad habits, otherwise other treatments are unlikely to work effectively.

Sometimes, lifestyle changes are all that’s required, but often these aren’t enough. There are several different types of medication used for hypertension treatment. A common example is beta blockers, which work by reducing a person’s heart rate. This allows the heart to work at a slower place.

Alpha blockers are another of the most common hypertension treatments. The drugs work by widening a person’s blood vessels, which has the effect of reducing the heart’s workload. Over time, this can reduce blood pressure.


Other hypertension treatments include calcium channel blockers and diuretics. Calcium blockers have a similar effect to alpha blockers, as they increase the size of the blood vessels. Diuretics help to increase the kidney’s effectiveness at removing salt, which is important for reducing the risks of hypertension.

The right hypertension treatments for a specific person depend on a number of different factors. Firstly, the age of the patient may determine which treatments will be safest. Treatment methods may also need to be changed, depending on the side effects that occur. Women who are pregnant and have hypertension need to regularly have blood pressure checks, and often require different medication.

It is common for treatments to be neglected by a patient if no symptoms are occurring, but this can be a mistake and should be avoided. Although hypertension symptoms may not occur straight away, damage can still be caused to the body. There are, however, a number of side effects to many hypertension treatments, so a doctor should decide which methods are worth these additional symptoms.



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