What are the Most Common Causes of Painful Bloating?

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There are a number of potential causes of painful bloating. These range from the easily fixed such as overeating to more severe conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. Other potential causes include an allergy to a certain type of food, menstruation, a lack of water intake and intolerance to lactose. The actual reason for painful bloating is usually liquid and gas building up in the body and is often a sign that food isn’t being correctly digested.

One of the most common causes of painful bloating is overeating. When a person overheats, it can be difficult for the body to deal with the increased amount of food, and this can lead to a buildup of liquid and gas. For this reason, if a person suffers from painful bloating then the first thing to examine is his or her diet.

Irritable bowel syndrome can cause painful bloating. This goes hand in hand with the diarrhea that is often present with the condition. In many cases this particular cause of bloating can be managed by assessing the person’s diet and ensuring that he or she isn’t eating food that is high in certain types of fiber. Some foods that are often helpful to reduce from the diet of a person with irritable bowel syndrome include fatty and red meat products. There is no cure to irritable bowel syndrome, however.


Constipation can often cause severe and painful bloating. People who regularly suffer from constipation may find that bloating becomes a constant problem. In many cases constipation isn’t a permanent problem but if it continues for a long time then lifestyle changes such as eating a diet that’s high in fiber can help the condition.

There are several conditions that can cause painful bloating apart from constipation. For example, acid reflux can make a person feel constantly bloated and may be painful. Lactose intolerance is also known to cause bloating. Many of the conditions that cause bloating can be solved through lifestyle changes such as cutting down on junk food and reducing alcoholic drink consumption.

There are other, more serious causes of painful bloating. For example, a large tumor in the abdomen can sometimes cause pain in that region. Some diseases also affect the colon which can induce similar symptoms. For this reason if bloating continues for a long time a doctor should be consulted in order to rule out some of the more severe conditions.



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Post 3

@alisha-- It's difficult to explain what "painful bloating" is like but you will know when it happens to you.

I had painful stomach bloating when I had food poisoning. My stomach couldn't digest the food and the bacteria was making me sick. So I was bloated, nauseated and had stomach cramps. I couldn't go to the doctor either, so I basically spent the entire night tossing and turning in bed from the pain.

Post 2

I get bloated all the time from eating gassy foods like broccoli and beans. But I don't think I've ever had "painful bloating." I'm not sure what that means because isn't bloating a normal thing?

Post 1

I think I have a gluten sensitivity. When I eat bread, particularly whole wheat bread with yeast in it, I get a painful, bloated stomach.

My stomach gets so bloated sometimes that it hurts to breathe. It's awful.

I've been avoiding bread for the past few days and I feel great! The bloating is gone and I feel more energetic. It's unbelievable.

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