What are the Most Common Causes of Fatigue?

Some of the causes of fatigue include physical or mental illness, not getting enough sleep at night, or following a poor diet plan. Illnesses or medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, heart disease, or anemia are all common medical causes of fatigue. Of course, minor illnesses such as a cold or the flu can also cause a person to feel run-down and tired, as can persistent stress and anxiety.

Many of the most common causes of fatigue can easily be traced back to a person's lifestyle. Working too hard during the day or exercising too much can easily cause a person to feel tired and fatigued. Most people need approximately six to eight hours of sleep at night; some people need even more, and it is rare to find someone who needs less than six hours. It is important for every person to try to get quality sleep every night by going to bed at the same time every day and minimizing distractions in the bedroom, such as a television.


Some people feel that they are getting quality sleep but still feel tired; this could indicate sleep apnea, where a person stops breathing for a few seconds, causing the sleep to be interrupted. This condition should be evaluated by a doctor. In addition, any unexplained fatigue that does not have any clearly identifiable cause should be addressed to a doctor. An underactive thyroid or simple anemia are both common causes of fatigue, but it could easily be something more serious like heart disease.

Mental illness is another one of the most common causes of fatigue. Depression, for example, often makes people feel very tired and unable to summon the energy to enjoy previously fun activities. A mental health professional will be able to perform an evaluation to determine if someone is suffering from depression or any other emotional disturbances.

Eating habits can easily lead to a feeling of fatigue and low energy as well. Many people find that they need caffeine constantly throughout the day. Caffeine withdrawal can cause a tired feeling, and drinking too much caffeine during the day can make it difficult to sleep at night, perpetuating the cycle.

In addition, a diet made up of prepackaged, processed foods often causes fatigue as well because it is often lacking in nutrients. Over-exercising can lead to low energy levels. It is important to exercise in moderation and to not consistently overwork the body, which can lead to muscle damage.



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