What Are the Medical Uses of Ephedra Distachya?

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There are several potential medical uses of ephedra distachya, with the most well-known uses being the treatment of respiratory disorders such as coughing and congestion. This herb is also a natural stimulant and helps to provide energy. Traditionally, ephedra distachya has been used to treat kidney disorders, reduce blood pressure, and promote concentration and focus. Some studies have indicated that the use of this supplement may boost the immune system and improve female libido. Due to possible side effects and medication interactions, a doctor should be consulted before beginning a treatment program that includes the use of ephedra distachya.

Respiratory illnesses have been treated for centuries with ephedra distachya. This supplement is thought to soothe coughs, open airways, and reduce nasal and chest congestion. Specific illnesses that are routinely treated with this herb include asthma, bronchitis, and the common cold. Headaches, fever, and chills have been historically treated with ephedra distachya as well. People with seasonal allergies such as hay fever may notice a reduction in symptoms such as runny nose and itchy, watery eyes.


As a natural stimulant, ephedra distachya is known to improve energy levels and increase concentration or focus abilities. This may help a person be more productive and can be useful for those who suffer from chronic fatigue issues. Those who suffer from frequent bouts of anxiety may benefit from the calming effects of this herb. Products containing this supplement are often used to assist in weight-loss efforts and may help to boost metabolism.

Ephedra distachya is widely believed to possess antibacterial properties and may help the body fight infections. In addition to stimulating the nervous system, this supplement may promote healthy immune system functioning. These properties are thought to be of particular benefit to those who have impaired kidney function. Women who suffer from low libido may experienced an increased sex drive when taking products containing this herb.

There are many potential side effects associated with the use of ephedra distachya, so it is important to consult a doctor to determine the safety in an individual situation. As this herb acts as a stimulant, it may cause the heart rate to increase and could affect blood pressure levels. Those with heart-related problems are usually advised to completely avoid products containing this ingredient. Additional side effects may include insomnia, tremors, or even psychosis. This supplement can be addictive and may be particularly dangerous when used as a recreational drug.



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