What Are the Main Concerns in Male Sexual Health?

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Some of the main concerns regarding male sexual health are reproductive health, erectile dysfunction, and safe sex. Reproductive health includes the proper growth and functionality of sex organs, like the testes and penis. Erectile dysfunction is a term that refers to the inability or difficulty of developing or maintaining an erection. Safe sex, like reproductive health, is a major concern for both male sexual health as well as female. In addition, concerns about male sexual health need not be about physical ailments; psychological factors can play a significant role in sexual health.

The proper growth and function of a man’s sex organs can change at any time. Many problems can arise before, during, or after puberty. For example, a tight foreskin may need steroid creams or an operation to reduce or eliminate pain. As another example, a man who wishes to become a father might have his sperm count tested. Due to any number of unforeseen problems, it is generally recommended that men get an annual checkup, like many women do.

Another male sexual health concern is erectile dysfunction. Many men experience some reduced erectile function as they age, but young men can experience it too. This is often due to certain drugs, psychological factors, or injuries. Often, erectile dysfunction can be treated effectively with the use of medication. Some prescription treatments work for extended periods of time, but others require careful timing in order for them to work effectively.


Sexually transmitted diseases, which can be acquired through sexual contact and the transfer of bodily fluids like semen and blood, are another concern of male sexual health. Many of these diseases can be acquired fairly easily from an infected partner. Some of them are incurable. In an attempt to prevent the spread of these diseases, some organizations distribute free condoms and information on safe sex.

Mood and cognition have a psychological impact on a man's sexual relationships and sexual health. The development of psychological sexual hindrances can occur because of numerous things, including the death of a spouse, past experiences, religious beliefs, and body issues. For example, a man's insecurity about the size of his penis can lead to difficulty maintaining relationships. These negative thoughts can usually be overcome through the use of psychotherapy.



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