What are the Health Benefits of Walnuts?

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The health benefits of walnuts are numerous and have been well-documented by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They help reduce heart disease by providing healthy doses of “good” fats like omega-3 fatty acids and they been shown to lower bad cholesterol. Walnuts have also be shown to lower C-Reactive Protein, which is a strong indicator of heart disease. Combined with their heart health benefits, walnuts are also high in vitamins like B-12 and Vitamin E as well as in magnesium, protein and antioxidants, which have been shown to help prevent a wide range of health problems, including cancer.

The FDA recommends eating 1.5 ounces(42.5) grams of walnuts or similarly healthy nuts per day without adding to daily caloric intake. Most nuts, including walnuts, are high in calories and should be eaten in moderation despite their many health benefits. They should also be consumed in place of other, less nutritious, forms of protein such as cheese. Since protein is more filling than most fats and carbohydrates, eating the nuts can also be part of a weight loss plain because the stomach will stay full longer.


Other health benefits of walnuts include the fact that they are high in antioxidants. These substances have been shown to boost the immune system while also combating serious conditions like cancer. They may also help to enhance energy levels, since they are full of vitamins like B-12, which has shown to be crucial at curing fatigue and overall lack of concentration and energy.

The most well-known and crucial health benefits of walnuts are their role in heart health. Not only do they contain high levels of good fats, they also help lower levels of dangerous bad cholesterol without lowering good cholesterol. In addition to this, walnuts also lower C-reactive protein, which is considered a risk factor of heart disease and other health problems. It has also been found that walnuts may also help to clear plaque from the arteries and reverse vessel rigidity by improving overall elasticity. This can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other health problems.

Although there are many health benefits of walnuts, it should be noted that those with allergies to other nuts should use caution before consuming walnuts. Serious reactions could occur, and my include shortness of breath, hives, and shock. Walnuts are also relatively high in calories and will still cause weight gain if eaten in high quantities.



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