What are the Fastest Growing Job Markets?

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The trouble with determining the fastest growing job markets is they’re subject to change constantly, and growth in a particular career may be dependent on other factors, and varies by country. The value of mentioning this has greatly increased in importance since the recession of 2008/2009, which has affected much of the world. When economic circumstances change, it can have a huge effect on people planning to look for jobs after training in a career, and it is not always possible to predict if the “hot jobs” of today will be in demand tomorrow. Nevertheless, organizations like the Bureau of Labor Statistics are expert at gathering data and determining which are the fastest growing job markets, or the ones that will likely need the most employees. Their statistics may be useful in planning a career, especially in the US.

The fastest growing job markets represent a diverse range of opportunities and training of various sorts. They also range widely in compensation, which may be an important factor in deciding where to work or what to do. It’s helpful to look at these by training required as an organizing principle.


The jobs that are expected to require the least training and are considering some of the faster growing job markets include home health aides and personal care aides, gaming and sports book writers, and gaming surveillance officers. These may require some on the job the training. Other jobs can require either on the job training or completion of vocational or certificate programs. Examples of these jobs include work as pharmacy technicians, manicurist and pedicurists, dental assistants, skin care specialists, and medical assistants.

Some people who train as medical assistants or pharmacy techs have associate’s degrees, but they may not be required. The following quick growing job markets tend to require at least an associate’s degree: veterinary technologists, dental hygienists, physical therapy assistants, and environmental science and protection technologists. Sometimes requirements for some of these jobs may vary by state.

One of the fastest growing jobs markets is still in computer programming, especially in managing networks and in data communications. Jobs at this level usually require a bachelor’s degree. Other job titles that may require four-year degree include computer software engineers, alcohol and drug counselors, forensic scientists, systems analysts, computer software engineers, and database administrators. Jobs that may need yet more training include those for veterinarians, marriage and family therapists or mental health counselors, physical therapists and physician’s assistants.

There are some other criteria people can use to help determine which careers might be best. With the growth in outsourcing, some career experts and economists have advised people look for jobs in employment fields that can’t be moved. Point of service jobs, where a job must be done in the country in which they live, usually can’t disappear. It’s impossible at present to outsource things like plumbing, repair and building, or many jobs in the hospitality and medical industries. Other job markets that may look promising include those that incorporate any form of “green” technology. With the US interested in converting to more energy saving practices, there will be a need to have people that can implement these things and inspect them.



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