What Are the Different Work Experience Ideas?

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There are a number of different work experience ideas that can boost an individual's skills and qualifications, and add to his or her resume, increasing the chances that someone else will hire her in the future. For many people, particularly teenagers, the best work experience ideas are those that involve volunteer work. Even though these are unpaid, they do lead to valuable experience. A bit later in life, taking an internship can be a good way to break into a career. Doing temporary (temp) work, or taking any possible entry-level position, is also good way to get work experience and build a resume.

Volunteering is one of the best work experience ideas. While it is beneficial for teens who may just be starting out, and are not yet eligible for a job, it is great for people of all ages, and is a good way not just to gain experience but to give back to the community as well. There are volunteer opportunities for people with virtually any interest; for example, volunteering at a nursing home or hospital can be a good start for people interested in medicine, or volunteering at a day care or after-school program is great for people who want to be teachers. Volunteering also shows initiative and responsibility.


For people who are a bit more qualified, such as college students or adults trying to make a career switch, internships are great work experience ideas as well. These look great on a resume, and give people opportunities to learn a great deal about their chosen career as well as list specific tasks they performed that may be helpful for future employment opportunities. Internships may or may not be paid, but for many people it is an invaluable experience that helps them break into a career, so it is worth the few months without pay.

When trying to think of work experience ideas, it is important not to rule anything out. Though people want to get hired for their dream jobs immediately, it almost never works like that. Being willing to take an entry-level position or even a temp job can be a good way to get experience, and learn what a certain company is like. It also shows willingness to work as part of a team and do what needs to be done. Not only that, but even entry-level positions offer many opportunities for networking and making very valuable contacts for future job prospects.



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