What Are the Different Women's Dreadlocks Styles?

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Dreadlocks are a fun and attractive natural look. Many people just let the locks do their own thing and enjoy this low-maintenance style. Women's dreadlocks styles come in many shapes and sizes. Dreadlocks lend themselves to many varied up-do styles, turning the look from funky to stylish. Bouffant hairstyles, braided dreads, beaded or curled dreads, and mature dreadlocks offer diversity and ease of style.

Bantu knots offer a good everyday version of women's dreadlocks, as they're easy to create and a good choice for short hair. To make bantu knots, the woman will grasp a few dreadlocks, and twist them, then fold them in a loop. The free ends are them wrapped around the the loop, then tucked into the knot. This will give the wearer a few whimsical loops around her head, creating a carefree hairstyle.

Another example of women's dreadlocks styles is the flat twist style, which works well with medium-length dreadlocks. The wearer grasps two dreadlocks, and twists them toward the back of her head, picking up more dreadlocks along the way. The hair is then secured with large rubber bands. The remainder of the dreadlocks can be curled using traditional curlers, or even rags to make rag curls.


Crinkles in the dreadlocks add interest and are an alternative to normal, round-shaped dreads. The dreads are braided while wet, then allowed to dry naturally. Perhaps the wearer might wear her hair in one or two braids during the day, then sleep in the braids. When the braids are taken out the next day, the dreads will have a crinkle pattern in them, creating a second, different style for day two.

Women's dreadlocks styles can go formal for evening wear. Many women with dreadlocks can create beautiful up-do hairstyles with traditional buns or up-dos. The dreadlocks can be gathered high on the crown, secured in place with large bands, then twisted, braided, or wrapped in a bun. Flowers, beads, hair pins, and other hair accessories add charm and draw the eye to the up-do.

When creating women's dreadlocks styles, the wearer should keep in mind that many thin dreadlocks can be treated much the same way as individual strands of hair. The dreadlocks can be crimped, curled, braided, twisted, or otherwise shaped into almost any hairstyle that a woman may want. Thicker dreadlocks can be bent, twisted, and wrapped around the head in interesting styles. The imagination of the wearer is the only limitation.



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Most women I know with dreadlocks wear them very similarly to the way men wear them. I suppose they're more likely to pull them back with a pretty scarf or add beads, but other than that, the styles I've seen have not been that different.

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