What are the Different Ways to Quit Smoking?

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There are numerous ways to quit smoking, but every method may not be suitable or effective for every smoker. Some people, for example, are able to just stop, while others may only be able to eliminate the habit through a gradual reduction. Nicotine replacement therapy is used by many people who want to avoid the physical effects of withdrawal. Behavioral therapy is used by individuals who find psychological dependence to be a major obstacle. Then there are also many smokers who resort to alternative options such as acupuncture and acupressure.

Some people can quit smoking cigarettes simply by deciding to do so. A person will choose a day and never smoke again thereafter. This method is known as going cold turkey. Although it is likely the cheapest way to eliminate the habit and it may seem to be the simplest way, for many people it is the most difficult method of smoking cessation.

When going cold turkey is too drastic and abrupt, some smokers use a reduction method. This involves a plan that gradually decreases the number of cigarettes used. The individual continues to smoke, but she smokes fewer and fewer cigarettes until she eventually quits.


Nicotine is the drug in cigarettes that is primarily blamed for the physical addiction that results from a smoking habit. For some people, the only ways to quit smoking are by continuing to provide the body with nicotine while trying to eliminate the consumption of cigarettes. These methods are often referred to as nicotine replacement therapy. Products used for these cessation efforts include adhesive patches, which feed the drug through the skin; gum, which allows nicotine to be absorbed by mucous membranes; and inhalers, which pump vapors into the lungs.

Cigarette addiction is not solely physical, however. It is widely believed that smoking habits also involve strong psychological dependence. For some people, overcoming this aspect of the problem is the most challenging. For these individuals, one of the best ways to quit smoking may be through behavioral therapy. This is a treatment option that addresses alternatives for people who turn to cigarettes for reasons such as anxiety, stress, or emotional issues.

There are several ways to quit smoking that are considered contemporary or alternative methods. One of these is hypnosis. This involves having a hypnotherapist implant ideas about ending the cigarette habit while a person is in an impressionable state. Acupuncture is another method that some former smokers credit for the success of their smoking cessation. Acupuncture is an Eastern healing practice in which needles are inserted into select points on the body.



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