What Are the Different Ways to Promote Computer Security Awareness?

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Different methods to promote computer security awareness typically depend a great deal on the relationship between different people and the type of environment in which this awareness should be raised. Parents, for example, should talk to their children about safe Internet navigation habits and methods and use software to ensure their children are not visiting dangerous or unacceptable websites. Employers can have a clear and universal computer use and ethics policy that employees are aware of and agree to as part of their employment. There are also a number of tools and methods that can be used in various environments to increase computer security awareness.

The best ways to promote computer security awareness typically depend on the relationships between people interested in this kind of awareness. Parents should be sure to have open and honest discussions with their children about Internet usage and computer use in general. The Internet should be considered no safer than the world outside, so parents should think of their kids using the Internet in much the same way they would think of their kids wandering around outdoors. Parents can often promote computer security awareness by teaching their children safe computer habits, monitoring their computer use, and using software that prevents young people from going to sites or using services that are inappropriate.


Employers can use similar software to promote computer security awareness, preventing employees from downloading unapproved content or visiting inappropriate websites. The nature of the work environment also means that those using computers in the workplace are typically adults who agree to a contract governing employment. Part of this agreement should be a code of computer ethics or approved computer usage policy that employees agree to upon gaining employment. This policy can be used to increase computer security awareness and should be created in clear and concise language that is readily available to employees even after initial hiring.

There are also different tools that are available and can be used to help promote computer security awareness in multiple environments. Numerous websites have been created to help educate computer users on safe habits; parents, teachers, and employers can direct others to these sites for additional information. Education is important, so all computer users should share information with each other regarding antivirus software, firewalls, and other programs that promote computer security awareness and safe computer habits. Some of these sites even have forms that can be printed out and posters that can be ordered to make safe Internet habits and computer security procedures more visible to others.



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