What are the Different Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Fast?

A patient with hypertension can lower blood pressure fast by making changes to her lifestyle. Adding exercise can lower blood pressure fast, even after the first time a person exercises. Cutting out certain unhealthy foods and habits, such as smoking and drinking excessively, can also lower blood pressure fast. A patient needs to keep her new habits to keep her blood pressure low.

One way to lower blood pressure quickly is to add more potassium to the diet and to reduce the amount of sodium in the diet. A person can boost potassium by taking a supplement, but it is often better to get the mineral from food. Bananas, salmon, and numerous vegetables contain high levels of potassium.

Sodium lurks in a number of processed foods, from canned soups to frozen pizzas. A person can lower blood pressure fast by eliminating processed foods from his diet. When shopping for groceries, he may want to scan the nutrition information to check to see how much salt the food contains. He should also avoid sprinkling salt on his food at the table. He may wish to keep a journal to keep track of the foods he eats and the levels of potassium and sodium he consumes daily.


Another way to lower blood pressure fast is to add exercise to the daily routine. Adding at least 30 minutes of activity, such as walking, to an everyday routine can cause blood pressure to drop within a few weeks. To see lasting benefits, a person will have to make exercise a regular part of her life. Working out only on the weekends or infrequently can actually cause harm.

Cutting out unhealthy habits can help lower blood pressure fast. Smoking a cigarette causes the blood pressure to spike and to remain higher for up to an hour afterward. Constantly smoking throughout the day keeps the blood pressure elevated.

While there is some benefit to drinking alcohol in moderation, excessive alcohol consumption can raise blood pressure. A person should aim to drink less than two drinks a day to keep blood pressure in check. If someone has a problem with drinking, she should slowly reduce the amount she drinks under the supervision of a doctor so that she doesn't experience other health problems.

Reducing stress will also help reduce blood pressure quickly. A person can practice yoga to lower stress levels and for exercise. Meditation can also lower stress, as can taking deep breaths.



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@FirstBase - That's funny, I had the same questions as you did when I first started to get back into a regular workout routine. I checked with the Mayo Clinic to be sure and guess what, they said you can definitely break up your workout into shorter ten-minute segments and get the same benefit as you would with one 30-minute session. That's good news for busy people!

Also, to answer your other question, it does take aerobic activity to control high blood pressure. And to keep it low, you have to keep exercising. The benefits only last as long as you continue to exercise.

The good news is that aerobic activity can be gained by doing things like scrubbing a floor or mowing the lawn as well as the standard aerobic sports like tennis, biking, swimming, jogging and dancing.

The main thing is that we have to keep exercising to keep lowering blood pressure without medications.

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To lower your blood pressure naturally, this article says to exercise for thirty minutes a day. What I want to know is, can you exercise in, say, three ten-minute blocks that add up to thirty minutes of exercise to get the necessary results?

Also, I'd like to know if the thirty minutes of exercise need to be aerobic exercise such as walking, running, biking or dancing?

Or can that thirty minutes be used to do yoga or pilates? Would that be helpful enough?

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