What Are the Different Views on Cosmetic Surgery?

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There are a number of different views on cosmetic surgery based on an individual's personal, religious, or cultural beliefs that can affect whether or not he or she undergoes a certain procedure. Cosmetic surgery is performed to enhance the appearance, such as a tummy tuck, breast reduction or augmentation, or face lift to name a few of the most common. Many individuals believe that cosmetic surgery is a perfectly acceptable way to make improvements to the face and body, while others see it in a more critical view, as a dangerous way of being too focused on appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is very common in many different areas of the world, often undertaken by celebrities and other people who are in the public eye. As a result, millions of other people each year undergo cosmetic procedures to alter their appearance and theoretically improve upon it. While cosmetic surgery is expensive, and typically quite painful, it is a relatively simple way for an individual to alter his or her appearance. This is one of the most common views on cosmetic surgery; that it is the decision of the individual. For some people, such a procedure not only improves physical appearance, but can have an undeniably positive influence on their entire outlook on life.


It is important to differentiate cosmetic surgery from plastic surgery. Though an individual's views on cosmetic surgery may change based on the situation, it is important to remember that plastic and cosmetic surgery are not synonymous, even if some of the techniques are similar. Plastic surgery can also include reconstructive surgery, such as what might occur after an accident or severe burn, for example. In most cases, cosmetic surgery is simply based on a desire to change the physical appearance.

This leads to some people's negative views on cosmetic surgery. Some people say it is important to age gracefully, and not to continuously alter the body with painful, unnecessary procedures, as well as to value one's uniqueness throughout life. Certain religions are also very critical or forbidding of altering the body in any way. In addition, one of the most negative views on cosmetic surgery comes against parents who allow teenagers to undergo cosmetic procedures, such as rhinoplasty or breast augmentation. Psychologists are often concerned that the teens are not physically or mentally ready for such procedures, and that it can set them up for a lifetime of dissatisfaction, or perhaps even mental disorders regarding the perception of their bodies.



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