What are the Different Vehicle Mechanic Jobs?

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While the most common of the vehicle mechanic jobs available are car mechanic positions, these are certainly not the only ones out there. Positions are available for motorcycle mechanics, airplane mechanics, heavy machinery mechanics, and even bicycle mechanics, though each one will require either a specific education or sufficient experience. If a candidate is interested in obtaining a job in any of these types of positions, the first step is to visit a repair shop where each respective mechanic would work. There, one can obtain specific information on how to pursue vehicle mechanic jobs.

Automobile mechanics are always in high demand since there are so many cars on the roads. Mechanics may learn the trade simply by working on their own cars or by being mentored by an experienced mechanic. Others choose to receive official certification through coursework and hands-on experience. Either way, vehicle mechanic jobs of this sort are plentiful but not necessarily easy to obtain. The more experience and certification a candidate has, the more likely he or she is to get hired. For information on classes and training, the local community college or vocational school is a good place to start.


Of all the vehicle mechanic jobs, an aircraft mechanic needs the most experience and education. Special training programs and even college degrees may be necessary to become certified as an aircraft mechanic. Such a mechanic will then be qualified to work on airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft. Joining certain branches of the military can also give a candidate an opportunity to become an aircraft mechanic, as the military will train some candidates as part of their military training. This is a good way to obtain hands-on experience as well, as the requisite amount of time one spends in the military will have the mechanic in direct contact with aircraft.

Other vehicle mechanic jobs require little or no special training.A motorcycle mechanic can take training courses to become an expert, but courses can be very expensive and mechanic positions are relatively low paying. Many motorcycle mechanics learn to work on bikes simply by working on their own motorcycles or by shadowing an experienced mechanic. Similarly, a bicycle mechanic does not need to be certified to work on bicycles; he just needs to know the ins and outs of the bicycle. This is perhaps the lowest paying of all the vehicle mechanic jobs, but it is a good choice for someone mechanically inclined who is looking for part-time work or a flexible schedule.



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