What are the Different Uses for Landscape Gravel?

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Landscape gravel has a wide variety of applications. It can be used for mulching, weed control, and creating pathways. When mixed with cement, it is sometimes used to build small statuaries, fountains, and birdbaths. It is considered to be low maintenance and typically inexpensive. Many landscape professionals claim it is a good alternative to concrete or stone.

Some homeowners use this type of rock to create interesting and attractive pathways in their yards and gardens. The gravel can be left loose and dry, or mixed with cement to make the paths more permanent and stable. In addition, loose landscape gravel is sometimes used to create driveways, though this is typically only suitable in areas where the soil has a sandy base. If using the gravel for a drive in an area with clay-based soil, it should typically be mixed with cement, otherwise the soil would absorb too much of the gravel.

Flowerbeds are another place where landscape gravel is often used. In marshy areas, it is sometimes used in bed preparation. After digging the beds, a thin layer of landscape gravel can be applied over the bottom layer of dirt. This helps facilitate drainage. This is often done because some plants will not thrive if their root system becomes soggy.


Landscape gravel is also used in flowerbeds to help control weeds. This is typically done by first putting down a layer of landscaping cloth, then covering the cloth with gravel. Not only is this eye-catching, but also gives the flowerbed added protection against weed growth.

Another common application for landscape gravel is to use it to draw attention to certain locations within the yard or garden. Some homeowners use it to create “flooring” for outdoor eating or sitting areas. This serves as an attractive, low maintenance way to keep these areas free of weeds and other unwanted plant growth. In addition, the gravel is not as appealing to insects and pests as is grass.

Sometimes landscape gravel is used to create outdoor furniture such as tables, benches, and chairs. When mixed with concrete, it can be used in much the same way as brick or stone. Most garden centers and home improvement stores offer landscaping stones in a wide variety of colors and sizes, so in terms of décor, it may offer more possibilities than other type of rock.

Landscape gravel is not only used in outdoor projects. Craft enthusiasts sometimes use the smallest type of this stone, called pea gravel. Some craft ideas for pea gravel include rustic tableware, statues, and picture frames.



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