What Are the Different Uses for Dried Egg Whites?

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Dried egg whites are separated from the yolk and put in packages that can be stored for up to a year or longer. They generally have no fat or cholesterol, while pasteurization usually eliminates bacteria, such as salmonella, or other potentially harmful organisms. Often used in recipes that include eggs, dried egg whites can be included in camping food and bodybuilding products. They generally do not need to be refrigerated so it is possible to store them at room temperature for long periods of time. Many types of foods can be made with powdered egg whites.

Consumers can purchase dried egg whites, usually in specialty or sporting good stores. The convenience is that the product can become edible just by adding water. Many kinds of foods manufactured with dried egg whites include batters and coatings used by bakeries. It is sometimes combined with flour and seasonings, along with dried milk, to produce a batter that can be used with meat, seafood, as well as deep-fried vegetables.

Some cakes are made with dried egg whites as well. When combined with flour, they can increase in volume and support the structure of a cake, so they are often called for in baking recipes. Egg whites that are re-hydrated can also be used with other bakery foods. Sometimes they serve as toppings for breads, and help to hold seeds and other toppings. They are also useful for surface aesthetics, as a shiny surface is often desired by bakery owners.

A few kinds of nutritional drinks use dried egg whites to add more protein. Drinks such as cocktails can incorporate them as an ingredient as well. Stores that sell bodybuilding products sometimes stock good that include dried egg whites, as do many camping gear stores. A nutritional food product that does not need special care can be especially useful on a camping trip where there are no refrigerators, for example. They often come in small pouches and various sized containers and boxes.

In addition to baking and being re-hydrated, dried egg whites can also be cooked after they are reconstituted. Quality is often regulated by local or regional agencies. While there is typically no fat and very little moisture, some dehydrated egg whites can have salt added, while sugars such as glucose are removed. Usually consisting mostly of protein, they can have a powdery texture, or may be manufactured as granular particles or flakes.


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