What are the Different Urinary Tract Infection Remedies?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are normally not dangerous, but that doesn't stop them from being incredibly uncomfortable. While most UTIs require antibiotic treatment, there are some urinary tract infection remedies that can help ease symptoms and prevent infection. One a UTI takes hold, however, it is important to see a doctor for medical treatment.

Some urinary tract infection remedies are meant to help prevent UTIs before they get into the system. Drinking cranberry juice every day is said to be helpful in maintaining bladder health, as it keeps the bladder too acidic for harmful bacteria to handle. A daily multivitamin may also help keep UTIs in check.

Engaging in hygienic sexual behavior is one of the keystones to urinary tract infection remedies. Partners should take care to be clean before beginning sexual contact and avoid transferring possible bacteria from the anus into the vaginal area. Women are advised to empty the bladder before and after sex, which may help wash out any bacteria in the urethra. Some women may also develop symptoms of a UTI after sex that is actually due to irritation caused by a latex allergy. If UTI tests come up negative but symptoms persist, consider being allergy tested.


When a UTI hits, it generally brings singularly unpleasant and persistent symptoms that may include urinary urgency, increased urinary frequency, burning or hypersensitivity in the bladder, and general discomfort throughout the genitourinary region. While these symptoms are a clear sign to see a doctor, managing symptoms can be done through several different types of urinary tract infection remedies.

There are some over the counter and prescription medications that can help reduce urgency and frequency. These are available at most drugstores, and have the interesting effect of sometimes turning urine bright orange or blue. Some also include mild doses of antibacterials, to help prevent an infection from worsening before a person can see a doctor. It is important to note that these drugs may disrupt UTI testing at the doctor's office, so they should be avoided at least 12 hours before an appointment.

Urinary tract infection remedies for symptoms include even more cranberry juice, blueberry juice, parsley tea, and lots of water. These can help restore the acidic balance in the bladder and help flush away some of the bacteria. It is important not to increase fluid intake drastically, as this may irritate the bladder and urethra still farther and cause stronger symptoms. Over the counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen, can help reduce inflammation and may temporarily reduce symptoms.



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