What are the Different Types of Workers' Compensation Jobs?

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There are different types of workers' compensation jobs, ranging from workers' compensation lawyers to mediators. Individuals who work in these positions must have knowledge of employment laws, human resource policies, and jurisdictional regulations. Different companies in the public and private sector have jobs specifically in the area of workers' compensation.

Some of the workers' compensation jobs involve medical professionals such as doctors who specialize in just work-related injuries. If an employee states he or she has been hurt, the person will need to have a medical examination to confirm whether an actual injury occurred. The doctor will perform a physical examination of the worker, make recommendations as to future treatment, and decide if the employee needs to be out of work. This is especially important because the patient may have had a pre-existing injury that could affect the claim. When the worker has finished with any necessary treatment, the medical provider will see the patient again for a final evaluation to determine if the individual has any permanent disability.

Insurance adjusters hold one of the many workers' compensation jobs. This person is the first point of contact for the injured worker and the employer. After the employer is told of the employee's accident, the company will notify the insurance carrier. The adjuster will contact the worker and take a recorded statement to find out what happened. It is also the insurance adjuster's responsibility to approve payment of any medical bills and analyze the employee's wage information for indemnity benefits.


Employers also hire workers' compensation consultants to assist their human resource departments. The specialist may keep records of workers' compensation injuries for the employer or update safety manuals for employees. These specialists may also be in charge of compiling work place safety research, getting speakers for safety seminars, and monitoring liability topics.

Mediators have workers' compensation jobs where a neutral attitude is required. This individual mediates conferences between the parties involved in a workers' compensation case. The mediator listens to both sides, gets the background information, and discusses how the governing laws pertain to the matter. A mediator's main task is to resolve the issues in a way that is mutually agreeable to everyone. Many jurisdictions also require that claims be mediated prior to having the case placed on a court docket.

Attorneys also have workers' compensation jobs and are often hired by clients who are not satisfied with the way the claim is progressing. Some lawyers represent just employees while others provide a defense for the employers. Insurance companies typically hire workers' compensation attorneys to establish liability and provide counsel in court. Another task this attorney has is to give legal advice to companies regarding potential claims and to respond to discovery during litigation. When the workers' compensation case settles, the lawyer will draft an agreement to finalize the terms of the settlement.



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