What Are the Different Types of Wooden Scaffolding?

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Wooden scaffolding can be used in the construction or repair of both large and small buildings. Scaffolding made entirely from wood is rarely seen in developed nations because these structures are not as stable as scaffolds made from other materials. The frame of a scaffold is usually made out of metal or fiberglass because these materials are stronger and last longer than wood, but wood is used as a flat surface for workers to stand on. Though wood is often only one component of scaffolding, a variety of different types of wooden scaffolding are commonly used.

The most basic type of wooden scaffolding is built in the form of a platform that rests on top of four or more vertical poles. The poles are often reinforced through the use of additional poles that are attached to the vertical poles at angles, forming a series of triangles. A worker can climb onto the top of this type of structure by using a ladder. The platform at the top of this type of wooden scaffolding gives workers a stable platform to stand on that is elevated some distance above the ground. Simple wooden scaffolding such as this is not strong enough to reach more than 6 feet (1.8 meters) or so above the ground.


More complex wooden scaffolding may use wood as a part of the scaffolding construction. In most cases, wooden planks are placed on the top of the scaffold or at intervals along its height spaced far enough apart that workers can stand and work comfortably at a variety of different heights. The frames of these scaffolds are usually made from metal or a composite material, such as fiberglass, which are considered stronger than wooden framing materials.

Some wooden scaffolding is designed to be moved around from site to site. These scaffolds may be erected on a set of locking wheels so that they can be pushed where they are needed and then locked into place. These scaffolds are not usually very large or tall because they are not as stable as scaffolding that is built on top of a sturdier foundation.

Large wooden scaffolding may be constructed for use at a single site only. These scaffolds may be attached to the sides of buildings and are often firmly planted into the ground. When this type of wooden scaffolding is no longer needed, it can be taken apart and the pieces reused in another piece of scaffolding.



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