What Are the Different Types of Whole Grain Products?

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Whole grain products come in a variety of different types. This includes whole grain snack foods, baked goods, pastas, breakfast and dessert products, and even drinks. Whole grain food products are not to be mistaken with products that only contain limited amounts of grain. For a product to bear the whole grain label in the US, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that more than half of its contents be whole grain. Products that are whole grain are made from grains that have their fiber and nutrients intact and have not been refined, or processed.

There are a number of different types of whole grain products used as breakfast foods. They range from cereals to breads. Oatmeal is a common breakfast product that is also a whole grain. It can be eaten as a cereal or it can be combined with whole wheat to make muffins, bagels or pancakes. Puffed wheat is a whole grain product that is also a common breakfast cereal. Oat bran is another versatile cereal option that can be eaten as cereal or used to create breakfast bread products.


People who want to include whole grain products into their diets can choose from a wide selection of snack foods. This will allow them to make healthy choices on what they eat between meals. Granola bars, brown rice cakes and rye crackers are a few of the whole grain product choices available. Popcorn is another whole grain that is a healthy snack when eaten without additives such as butter.

Pasta made from whole grains comprise another healthy type of food product. Although most pasta is made from refined grains, macaroni, linguine, spaghetti and virtually any other type can be made using whole grains. Yaki udon is a type of whole grain Japanese noodle that is made from buckwheat.

Whole grains also feature heavily in baked goods. Bread is a common food product throughout the world. When made with whole grain ingredients, it is more nutritional and filling than white bread and other products that are made of processed flour. Other types of baked whole grain products that can be made using whole wheat flour, including dinner rolls, cookies and even brownies.

Beverages are not typically considered a whole grain product, but there are some drinks that do fall into this category. Certain milk alternatives are made from brown rice. This is meant for people who are lactose intolerant and potentially allergic to soy products. Not all rice milk is considered whole grain however and care should be taken to ensure that it is a whole grain brown rice drink.



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