What Are the Different Types of Water Conservation Products?

As populations rise and sources of clean water become harder to find, water conservation becomes an important subject for societies around the world. While large-scale projects, such as water reclamation plants, have helped some populations adapt to water scarcity, people also can play an important role by assessing their own usage patterns and purchasing water conservation products to help reduce consumption. Products such as low-flow faucets, toilet tank water savers and rain barrels can help conserve water both inside and outside the home. Consumers should always check relevant local laws and building codes before installing certain water conservation products.

One of the easier ways to conserve water on a daily basis is to install low-flow faucets and shower heads inside the home. These water conservation products work by limiting the amount of water that passes through the tap, while still providing enough for cleaning and other everyday tasks. Installing a low-flow faucet will usually increase the water pressure for that fixture.

Toilet tank water savers are another family of water conservation products that can help use less water with each flush cycle. These products work by occupying volume within the toilet tank so it takes less water to fill. While many homeowners use something as simple as a brick to displace the water, consumers also may purchase an inexpensive plastic bag specifically designed for this purpose. The bag is filled with liquid and placed within the tank, where it will help save on monthly water bills. A fill-cycle diverter is another toilet-related product that is easy to install and helps to conserve water in the bathroom.

Outdoor water conservation products can make a big difference for families with lawns or gardens that must be watered throughout the summer months. Rain barrels can be installed to catch and store water from gutters. This water can then be used later to help keep grass and plants alive in weeks without rain. Products called soaker hoses also can be used outdoors when watering shrubs and trees. When used properly, these hoses use much less water than traditional sprinkler systems and may be used in combination with rain barrels for extra savings.

When installing these products, it is important to follow the manufacture's instructions to avoid leakage and water damage to the home. Some homeowners may wish to consult with a professional plumber before purchasing any water conservation products. These professionals can provide installation advice and look for current leaks that may be affecting the current monthly water bill.


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