What are the Different Types of Vitamin C Products?

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Vitamin C has many useful applications, which makes it popular in a variety of products on the market. It can help reduce wrinkles, improve the immune system, protect against eye disease, and more, which is why there are various forms of it available. For example, many stores sell vitamin C pills, powder, and dissolving tablets that can help strengthen the immune system. There are also vitamin C products that are specially formulated to decrease the chances of eye disease, usually in the form of pills that combine several vitamins. Finally, vitamin C is often found in creams and lotions meant to be applied to the skin.

The most common vitamin C products are typically formulated to protect the immune system. While it has been found that this vitamin does not necessarily reduce the chances of getting the common cold, it can boost the immune system enough to defend against more serious complications, including illnesses brought on by stress. Most stores sell vitamin C pills, though chewable tablets and time release capsules can also often be found for those who do not like swallowing large pills or dealing with the upset stomach that some people get with regular tablets. There are also powdered drink mixes and tablets that dissolve in water so that those looking to strengthen their immune system do not have to swallow pills at all.


There is some evidence that shows that vitamin C can help improve the health of the eye, protecting against conditions that often plague people as they age. Thus, there are vitamin C products that are mixed with other helpful vitamins to create a supplement that should reduce the risk of developing certain eye conditions, including cataracts and macular degeneration. This class of vitamin is also known to help avoid developing glaucoma since it can reduce eye pressure.

Popular vitamin C products also include lotions and creams designed to protect the skin from the effects of aging. This is because this vitamin is known for containing antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals. It can also moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles, help regenerate collagen, brighten the skin tone, and protect against UV rays. Thus, it is no wonder that vitamin C is often added to both sunscreens and skin lotions that strive to reduce the negative effects of aging. These popular vitamin C products are often found in drugstores or online, and usually take at least six months of application for any positive effects to take place.



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Post 4

I take a supplement to protect my vision that includes vitamins A, E, and C, as well as copper and zinc. I have always been terrified of getting glaucoma and not finding out I have it until I've started to go blind, so this supplement is very important to me.

My grandmother went blind from glaucoma. She never went to an eye doctor for regular checkups, so once she started having symptoms, it was too late to reverse the disease.

The supplement I take dissolves in my mouth. I slip it under my tongue and wait for it to melt, and I swallow whatever parts don't dissolve. I do this every morning.

Post 3

@seag47 – I understand needing a convenient form of vitamin C. I used to have plenty of time to peel an orange every morning, but ever since I had my baby, that has all changed. I'm lucky if I get time to eat a granola bar!

I have always had issues with swallowing big pills, so I got the chewable kind of vitamin C. The flavor is off-putting to some people, but I love it. It reminds me of the vitamins I used to chew as a child.

It kind of tastes a bit like an orange. Honestly, I could eat these like candy if I wasn't afraid of overdosing!

The best thing about this form of vitamin C is that I can chew it while I get my baby ready to go to daycare. I only have to stop long enough to open the bottle and grab a tablet!

Post 2

After graduating college, I ended up working for the same company that my mother had recently retired from. She suffered from stress-related health issues because of this job, so I started taking a vitamin C supplement right away to avoid having the same issues.

I knew I was entering into a challenging career, but I thought that the rewards would be greater than the pitfalls. My mother had eventually developed high blood pressure and chronic fatigue because of the demands of her job, and I was fully aware that this could happen to me.

I have been working there for five years now, and thought it does stress me out, I haven't had any major health problems because

of it. I think that the extra vitamin C is helping my body cope with all the work my mind has to do.

I am always pressed for time, so it would be inconvenient for me to have to stir up a powdered drink to get my vitamin C. Popping one pill a day is easy.

Post 1

I don't mind that vitamin C creams take so long to work. I would be using a facial cream anyway, so if I can use one that will be doing my body some good in the long run, that's even better.

I started using a facial moisturizer containing vitamin C a year ago. I think that my skin looks more hydrated and perkier now than before I started applying it.

This moisturizer also contains sunscreen, so I'm sure this protected me from getting any more wrinkles. The vitamin C probably worked to combat the ones I already had, improving the texture of my skin. I can really tell a difference.

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