What are the Different Types of Vegan Soup?

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There are a number of different types of vegan soup that can be prepared using vegetables and vegan-friendly food substitution products. These can range from simple soups made with vegetable stock and chopped vegetables and herbs, to creamy soups, gazpachos, chili recipes, and stews. Vegan soup can have a wide range of textures, flavors, and levels of complication while ensuring that no animal products were used in the preparation of the soup. Common and flavorful vegan soups include “chicken” noodle, tomato, and pumpkin soups, vegetarian chili with beans, and hearty stews that use ingredients such as seitan instead of meat.

Vegan soup is made according to the preferences and philosophies of the vegan culinary lifestyle. Those who subscribe to veganism eat only vegetarian dishes but take the practice a step further and do not eat any food product that comes from animal resources, such as milk, eggs, and butter. While this can make some food types rather difficult to create, soups naturally lend themselves to the creation of delicious and healthy recipes.


Many types of vegan soup use vegetable stock as part of the preparation process, though anyone using commercial vegetable stock should be sure that any animal products were not used in the production of the stock. Homemade vegetable stock is easy enough to make and only requires a little time and forethought to prepare enough, which can be frozen to last a month or more and used as needed. Since vegan soup cannot include the use of milk or cream, other ingredients such as soy milk and coconut milk are often used to add flavor or thickness to a soup in place of the animal products.

Chicken noodle soup is among the most popular soups made in many households, and other than the chicken the ingredients are all vegan-friendly. There are numerous chicken substitution products available for use by vegans and vegetarians, and these can often add the chicken flavor or texture without including animal products. The idea of chicken can also be left out entirely, and more vegetables or herbs such as mint can be included instead to make a warming, comforting vegan soup with textures and flavors all its own.

Gazpachos are also a favorite among vegan chefs and eaters, as the traditional gazpacho already calls for vegetarian ingredients. Alternatives can be made to keep flavors fresh and different, including the use of pumpkin and even watermelon for a new take on a traditional favorite. Seitan, a product made using wheat gluten that tends to have a texture and flavor similar to meat, is often used in stews or for chili to add greater weight and depth of flavor without the addition of any animal products.



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