What are the Different Types of Vegan Breakfast?

A vegan breakfast, which contains no animal products or byproducts, can still be as varied as a breakfast eaten by vegetarians or omnivores. With the many vegan products available that substitute for traditional ingredients, a good cookbook and a little skill in the kitchen can produce delicious dishes. Moreover, just as with anybody, there can be considerable variety in what people eat for breakfast.

Some vegans stick with the standard of cold or warm cereal. Plenty of cereals exist that don’t contain animal byproducts, and the main difference might be substitutes for milk. People could choose soy, rice or nut milks instead of the standard dairy fare.

Hot cereals are often completely vegan, and cooks have their choice of a variety of grains. Warm oatmeal cooked with apples and raisins is delicious. Cornmeal mush, 10-grain cereal, wheat cereals or a variety of others are available, and these can be nutritious and inexpensive, especially if people buy their cereal grains in bulk at natural foods stores.


Probably the sticking point for many people is the lack of eggs. There are some vegan egg substitutes, but people don’t always find these satisfactory, especially for things like scrambled or fried eggs. Not all egg substitutes are vegan, so people will need to carefully read ingredients. Similarly, there are a number of vegan breakfast "meats," and some of these are quite popular. Ingredient listings should definitely be examined thoroughly because a few soy sausages and bacon products have small amounts of animal byproducts.

It's simpler to a make a vegan breakfast that includes things such as baked goods, waffles or pancakes. There are a number of good pancake and waffle recipes that, with a few substitutions, make delicious treats. Similarly, biscuits made with margarine and a substitute milk can be rolled out into a flat square covered with brown sugar and raisins, and then formed into a roll and cut to make sticky buns.

Not everyone is a fan of traditional breakfast food, and avegan breakfast can feature much more interesting choices. Corn tortillas topped with black beans, salsa and tofu cheese could make a healthful breakfast. Crusty vegan bread with nut butters like almond, cashew or peanut butter provide lots of protein. A simple bowl of fruit with toast might suffice some mornings, or those with a blender could make a variety of fruit smoothies. People often look at the vegan lifestyle and think that food must be so limited in choice, but these few examples of vegan breakfast are just the tip of the iceberg and prove that vegans enjoy a wide and varied diet.



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