What Are the Different Types of Unusual Bacon Products?

Bacon is well-liked by many people, but its popularity has led to various unusual bacon products. Some bacon-based items seem fairly normal and appealing, while others are odd enough to qualify as gag gifts that few people would actually think to use. Not surprisingly, one of bacon's most common uses is in food, ranging from bacon ice cream to bacon seasoning salt. It is also possible to find bacon-based drinks from soda to alcohol. On the other hand, bacon gag gifts range from lip balm to envelopes that feature the flavor of bacon.

It may seem only natural for bacon to be injected into other food items, but there are some interesting combinations. For instance, breakfast can feature more than just strips of bacon, because it has been added to pancake mix and jam. This meat has also been turned into a dessert by being combined with ice cream, candy bars and gumballs. Even snack foods have been infused with bacon, because popcorn and sunflower seeds can be seasoned with this item. In fact, any food can become bacon-flavored by using condiments such as bacon mayonnaise, bacon salt and bacon ranch dressing.

Some people like to drink bacon products, which is why various bacon-based beverages exist. For example, there is bacon-flavored coffee, which can make an entire kitchen smell like a hearty breakfast is cooking as it brews. Bacon soda is available for those who need additional caffeinated options. For those who drink alcohol, bacon vodka is an available drink described as having a subtle smoky bacon flavor. It is said to taste good in various popular mixed drinks, such as Bloody Marys and chocolate martinis.

Most bacon products are meant for consumption, though there is a flavorless board game based on bacon and other products are meant more to be tasted than actually eaten. Among the many bacon gift ideas available are envelopes flavored with bacon so the process of sealing them is tasty. Some personal hygiene products — including lip balm, toothpaste and dental floss — are also infused with this flavor, while bacon perfume and bar soap are imbued with bacon scent. It should be noted that, though these bacon products are typically meant to be amusing, they do tend to work just as well as their unflavored counterparts. While some bacon products can be purchased at typical grocery stores, most are only available online.


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