What are the Different Types of Treatment of Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a type of pain that endures for an extended amount of time. People who suffer from ongoing pain may have pain that persists for months or even years. Sometimes, a certain event will lead to the onset of this type of pain, such as an illness or injury. For instance, a person with chronic back pain may have suffered a back injury at some point. As this is an ongoing condition, physicians may be able to prescribe a treatment of chronic pain to alleviate the discomfort for periods of time.

Potentially, any area of the body can be affected by chronic pain. Some of the most common locations for this type of pain is the back, in particular the lower portion, the joints, head and legs. The symptoms of pain can alternate. Often, the pain may be dull, an aching or a very sharp shooting pain. Additional health complaints such as irritability, weakness and fatigue may accompany the pain as well.

One of the most basic types of treatment of chronic pain is pain relievers. Anti-inflammatory medicines and acetaminophen are commonly used medications to treat persistent pain. Some of these medicines may be obtained over the counter. In the case of a chronic sufferer, a prescription pain reliever may be needed for treatment. The doctor will typically designate the quantity and the intervals to take the medication.


Relaxation may be used as a treatment of chronic pain. To relax, an individual may try reducing stress. Stress may only make the pain worse and it may cause certain hormones to be released that can intensify pain. Sleep is an additional way to relax and the rest may alleviate pain for a few hours. Even for individuals without this condition, most health care professionals recommend getting up to eight hours of sleep per night.

Sometimes, complementary therapies may be used as treatment of chronic pain. Both acupuncture and meditation are some examples of this type of therapy. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedy for pain, which involves inserting fine needles into particular points in the body. Meditation is a type of contemplation therapy, generally aimed at bringing a sense of awareness through heavy concentration. An individual may use both of these therapies to gain some relief of the condition.

Exercise can be another treatment of chronic pain. Exercising can enhance mobility and improve strength. This can be essential for an individual who may have been somewhat restricted in physical activity due to constantly being in pain. A person should also eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Making these types of lifestyle changes can offer numerous overall health benefits, as well as reduce ongoing pain.

Doctors may try several different treatments to reduce chronic pain to find the one an individual may benefit the most from. In most cases, the treatment of will be focused on the cause of the pain. If the exact cause remains undiscovered, a doctor may use general forms of treatment with the hopes of providing some relief to the person. Additionally, some people may use a mixture of treatments to alleviate chronic and persistent pain.



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