What are the Different Types of Treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

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The only way to overcome alcohol abuse is to gain control over drinking. Any treatment for alcohol abuse has at its heart a basic philosophy about how to best give a person control. Some people find that therapy, either group or one-on-one, is highly effective, while others must enter a rehab program as treatment for alcohol abuse. It is even possible to use medications to help alleviate some of the effects of withdrawal from alcohol and other medicines to reduce the feelings that led to alcoholism in the first place. Treatment for alcohol abuse can even be as simple as resolving to stop drinking, but most people find that support is an essential part of treatment.

One of the most common types of treatment for alcohol abuse is therapy. Therapy is a less extreme step that works well when the abuse has not caused the alcoholic to lose the desire to stop drinking. In fact, for people who have made a commitment to stop drinking, therapy can be one of the most effective treatments because it focuses on ongoing support in real-life situations. There are many different types of therapy, and talking to different therapists can be helpful when trying to find a good fit.


Rehab is a more intense treatment option suitable for people who need results immediately and who cannot control their actions. The goal of rehab is usually to provide a strong basis for a return to normal life and to resolve some of the physical and emotional issues present during withdrawal. For most people, rehab must be supplemented with continuing support in order to remain effective.

In many cases, treatment for alcohol abuse may be more successful if it is targeted to a specific group. For instance, teenagers may benefit from treatment designed specifically to combat the problems involved in youth alcohol abuse. There are treatments available for every age, gender, and social group, and it may even be possible to band together with others with similar problems through online forums. Finding support that is relevant is essential when combating alcoholism.

Some people are able to successfully regain control over drinking by simply resolving to do so. It is important to remember that not everyone who abuses alcohol is an alcoholic, and many people successfully return to a life of moderate drinking after a bout with alcoholism. Finding a treatment program that aims for the level of control a person wishes to have is important because the treatment should match a person's goals.



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